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We will be having a fun day of family & fitness activities on Sat, Oct 1st. There will be an Open House, lots of food, fun, & friendship to support the fight against Cancer & the people who unselfishly give their support.

I lost my father to cancer in 2007, my mother in 2014, & my cousin, Wiesie Johnson Thomas, in 2012. It is in her name we have established the "WHEEZY RUN". She was only 40 and left her young family behind. She did not smoke, drink, or do anything to open the door to cancer. Cancer doesn't need a key-it can kick in the door of any person at any time without rhyme, reason, or warning. Please help us bar the door to cancer & help families who have been invaded by this trespasser who takes no prisoners. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

Please fill out form below if you would like to be contacted with more event specifics.

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