We are the Largest fitness facility in the area featuring the Biggest assortment of the Beefiest Equipment available.

We offer Free Weights, Machine Weights, Leverage Equipment, Saunas, Boxing & MMA Equipment, Crossfit Equipment, Private Shower Rooms, as well as the Biggest Variety of Cardio Classes!

Largest Free Weight Area


We feature a complete Free Weight bench array with flat, incline, decline, and military. We also have leverage equipment, pro-style dumbells, Smith machine, and Power Rack.

We also have punching bags, speed bag, battle ropes, and other CrossFit gear.

No one comes close to the size, amount or quality of our Free Weight Room!

Largest Machine Weight Area


Our Machine Weight selection is the most complete available. We have over 2 DOZEN machines, including a Functional Trainer for rehab & sports such as baseball, softball, and golf.

Our machines feature Kevlar belts which never stretch and never break, meaning our machines are smoother and trouble-free!

True Cardio Movie Theater


Welcome to Gilmer's only Movie Theater!

Enjoy watching a movie on our giant 25' screen in full Surround Sound while you melt those pounds away.

Our treadmills, ellipticalls & climbmill feature full touch screen controls and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MyFitnessPal and many other wireless apps to ease your workout & stay connected! We have the most advanced Cardio Equipment available anywhere in the world!







1284 Hwy 300
Gilmer, TX 75645

Tel: 903.734.1682

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Heavy Dumbells

It's OK to Push Yourself!